About Us

Jobest Tradelinks Limited has several years of experience in China trade. We have established a presence in China, and developed strong business relationships with most of China manufacturers. This has enabled us to source the very best quality products when we import from China.

Our people have strong business backgrounds helping ensure we can add value to your business in more ways than you may expect. Our local teams are well supported by the experience and knowledge of our China-based team members, essential to conducting full due diligence and quality control during your project. All our staff in China are bilingual and have relevant qualifications backing their business experience. This ensures you have someone you can deal with locally, with the assurance that your interests are well represented in China.


Our Mission
We are committed to providing our clients with the best supply chain solutions, customized to meet their specific requirements. At Jobest Tradelinks, we are driven by the desire to build long term business relationships, through our policies of customer service and competitive pricing.

Our Culture
We promote an environment of accountability for our clients. We pride ourselves on our communication throughout a client’s project, and our ability to go over and above expectations.

What We Do
We provide a complete service for anyone needing China sourcing services. Whether you just need sourcing for an existing product from a Chinese supplier or a complete China manufacturing solution we can help you.

Jobest Tradelinks provides the following services:
• China sourcing for existing products
• China sourcing for new products and suppliers
• China sourcing (wholesale) for low volumes
• Selection of China manufacturing suppliers for larger volumes
• Product development and engineering
• Process and manufacturing development in China
• Outsourcing manufacturing management
• Extensive and dedicate quality control
• Logistics and shipping of all products
When it comes to quality we are passionate about what we do. We have built ourselves a reputation for applying top quality norms into everything we do. And this applies, of course, to every product that we source for our customers.

If you are looking for any of the services we offer, or you plan to import from China: Jobest Tradelinks is your best option.


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